Professional Tile Cleaning

A Deep, Healthy Clean

As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies DD Services offers Tile and Grout cleaning services for your residence or business. In addition, we offer high pressure cleaning as well as carpet and rug restoration services. Our years of experience combined with using the latest equipment and dedication to doing the job right is why more people are calling our company to get the best in carpet cleaning services.

Areas we cover

Strip and seal

Floor resurfacing

Our team at DD Solutions have experience undertaking at many different areas of floor rejuvenating. Strip & seal is one of our expertise; our industry standard chemicals and equipments combined with years of experience is capable of taking care of any surface we come across.
Vinyl Floor


Our poly-vac machines and chemicals with hard working crew gets into most stubborn areas of the floor and make it look brand new. Below is some of the work we have done recently.

Vinyl floor is being scrubbed with light pad prior to resurfacing.

High traffic areas fade and colour become dull after some time specially at stores and supermarkets

Floor recovered back to near original condition after couple of attempts.

Grout Cleaning

Tile rejuveniling

We can get your tiles back to life with your state of the art cylinder brush tile grout cleaning machines.

Our state of the art cylinder brush grout cleaning machines at work.

Grout fills with dirt and tiles fade over time.

Back to the original condition without any damages to the tile or grout in between.


Timber floors

We clean and resurface timber floors whether it's outdoors or indoors. Give us a call to arrange a quick appointment and we'll get your timber floor recovered back in no time!

Timber floor condition prior to recovering

Timber floor condition prior to recovering faded marks and cracks can be fixed

Cleaned timber floor bring the shine back to the store floor.


Marble tiles

Marble tile recovering requires special training and dedication. Our technicans at DD Solutions have years of experience and training to make any marble surface look brand new. Have a look at some of the jobs we have completed recently.

Marble tiles have a different surface that needs special care to recover.

We use hydroForce equipment clean the dirt off the surfaces

Our experienced technicians at work

Finished marble cleaning work at David Jones