Quality Assurance

D&D Clean Solutions staff will be required to complete a suitable site-specific induction for the relevant facilities before commencing work. Part of this site induction ensures the communication of specific cleaning / security/ WHS requirements, including emergency response procedures. Special focus is placed on safety when working in the public domain. Ensuring training and induction is conducted under best practice ensures quality assurance and continuous improvement.

D&D Clean Solutions has a specific Work, Health and Safety induction as part of employee/independent contractor induction program. This includes safe cleaning methods and equipment use, chemical management, incident and hazard/safety risk monitoring and reporting, conducting of HSE inspections, personal and public safety, site security, infection control and prevention procedures, pathological cleaning, and environmental management. As part of the specialised induction process for the cleaners that will be engaged for this contract, D&D Clean Solutions

Ø Infection Control and Prevention
Ø Pathological Cleaning
Ø Operating Equipment, including Scrubber, Blower, Mower etc
Ø Chemical Management including Spill Response)
Ø Hygiene Services
Ø Health & Safety
Ø Hazard/Incident Reporting
Ø Risk Management
Ø Environmental Resource Efficiencies
Ø Safe Manual Handling and Ergonomic Practices
Ø Site and Personal Security
Ø Public Safety and Etiquette, including appropriate signage and barriers
Ø Using Appropriate PPE
Ø Personal Hygiene and Presentation